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This time let us talk about women and their problems. Men know that when they have problems with erection, they take Cialysin Fort and forget about them. What about women? Libido in women, or the emergence of sexual desire is the first phase of the sexual cycle, the main manifestation of sexuality. Despite the fact that the libido in women as in men, and consists of two components (neuro - providing the necessary interaction between the cortex of the brain, endocrine system and internal organs, and psychological, which depends on the activity of the cerebral cortex).

 The leading role they have played not just the desire to have sex like men, and the erotic perception is closely associated with the assessment of personal qualities chosen. It was noted that many women there is no transformation of the erotic stage of libido (erotic fantasies of sense) to sexual (immediate readiness for intimacy) and they have throughout their lives are not able to experience orgasm.

 In addition, the resulting close relationship with the experience leaves its mark on future sexual behavior of women and is expressed in the selectivity of sexual preference. With psycho female libido is associated impact of general emotional state on the number of erogenous zones. In stressful situations, problems with the physical health of their number can be reduced. If you are a man and need help with erection, use the drug Cialysin Fort. It is effective, besides, Cialysin Fort is cheaper than Viagra and Cialis.

 Mental component of the drive are explained, and the responses received by scientists who studied the causes of loss of libido in women.

 55% of women surveyed said that lack of interest in partner occurred when men refused to buy favorite thing, avarice, and the inability to earn more money. In 30% the cause is anger at the man for what he came to the influence of alcohol (not acted carefully, thoughtfully, tactfully) in 15% of the cases were called other reasons: sloppiness, the smell of sweat, weight, etc.

 For the occurrence of sexual desire in women is important to the sense of smell. Men sexually active age (and women) may produce pheromones. They are found in skin, hair, glands secretions, seminal fluid, etc. In the presence of chronic diseases, with age, with long-term cohabitation sensitivity to sexual odors is reduced, resulting in a decrease in sexual arousal.

 The ability to detect pheromones and respond to the impact of sexual cascade of reactions depends on the condition of the nervous (especially autonomic), and endocrine systems. In addition, the expression of libido in women is affected by cyclic production of sex hormones. So there can be dishormonal downs, celebrated too soon after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

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